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I am so fortunate to have chosen a career path that has allowed me to integrate my passion for fitness and health with my passion for people. My clients mean the world to me and I look forward to seeing them grow each day!"

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Foam rolling is a myofascial release that aids in lengthening shortened muscles, tendons and ligaments, improving blood circulation, improved flexibility and range of motion, pain management, postural correction, etc. especially valuable in areas such as tight hip flexors and tight IT band (ilio tibial band) that is the number one cause of runners knee and associated knee pain.

OPTP Pro Foam Roller (Black)
This is a great high density foam roller.

OPTP Pro Foam Roller (Black)
This is a good medium density foam roller for those needing a softer option.

The GRID Foam Roller
This is a great travel sized foam roller option.

Running Shoes:

Brooks Shoes Logo

This is a great site for awesome stability shoes or running/cross training shoes and other workout apparel. When purchasing shoes, it is important to get them properly fitted by a running store that watches you walk and helps pick your shoe based on what they see (pronation or supination of the foot, collapsible arches, etc)  

 For more options of where to find a running store near you, please email or if you are in the seattle area, try:

Running Elements (near Bellevue)

Super Jock and Jill (near Greenlake)

Fish Oil:
This is a great liquid fish oil  that blends well in smoothies or by itself used as a natural antiinflamatory. Great source of omega 3 essential fatty acids which helps reduce cardiovascular disease, aids in weight loss,improves the immune system, helps brain function  and is a mood stabilizer and aids in related issues such as ADD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's, dyslexia, diabetes, etc.

For more info on the benefits of fish oil, please see:
Healthy Benefits of Fish Oil

Protein Powder:
A great protein powder option: whey isolate.
Whey is a milk derived protein but the isolate removes the fat from the powder leaving a very clean and easily digestible natural protein. 
4 EVER FIT 4Ever Whey Isolate

Shiatsu Massage:
Shiatsu massage is extremely beneficial for almost every ailment. It is different from traditional massage and offers almost  immediate  solutions. For more info, please see: