I have thoroughly enjoyed my workouts with Stephanie. She arrives promptly at your home or office providing no excuses not to engage in an energetic and custom workout geared towards your personal goals and abilities. Her education in exercise physiology is applied for maximum benefit to get desired results while reducing the risk of injury. Stephanie is fun, dedicated and is a woman of high integrity. Her top qualities include: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.
Pam Shekell
Executive Recruitment Manager
I contacted Stephanie when I decided to get back into weight training after a long (6 year) layoff. I found Stephanie very knowledgeable in the very specialized world of weight training. Her knowledge of diet and nutrition also proved valuable in reaching my goals (fat loss & muscle gain) as fast as possible. During a short time my biceps size increased by 1.5 inches. Stephanie has always been punctual and easy to schedule with, and on a personal note a very pleasant and positive individual. I would not hesitate recommending Stephanie to anyone who is interested in increasing their quality of life through training and nutrition.
Nilesh Shah
In the time I have spent training with Stephanie, I have come to know her not only as a trainer, but as a professional interested in holistic care. She has not only lead me to better physical health, she has also provided a mental escape from life's stresses. I have seen many changes in myself. I look healthier, I'm thinner, toned, and feel more energetic. Stephanie is always looking for ways to meet my dynamic needs.
Preya Afman
Professional, positive, punctual, knowledgeable, and innovative in her approach to physical training. I have been working with Stephanie for almost two years and continue to look forward to each session. I'm not the type of person who enjoys working out at the gym or on my own. Stephanie is very motivating. She has provided nutritional guidance and modifies workouts to keep it interesting and effective. It is never dull or monotonous. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone of any age.
Angie and Ted Hannum
Retired Microsoft
For an old guy it’s not that easy taking instructions from a young woman. But Stephanie has the credentials and ability to instill creditability when she is putting you thru your paces. She varies the routines and never lets you coast. If you need to be motivated about getting in shape call her.
Ed Roberts
Real Estate Investor
It has been a year since I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie as my trainer. I have had many injuries that make working out a bit difficult for me. She was kind and diligent enough to research and understand my health issues and put a regiment together to give me a great work out that was safe with great results.
I have the utmost respect for Stephanie as a trainer and as a human being and certainly will recommend all my family members and friends to use her services. I am happy to say that my daughters enjoy her work outs as much as I do. I wish her great success in her growing business.
Al Monjazeb
President of Auto Center Northwest
I have known Stephanie for four years. She started out as my trainer, and she ended up being my friend. I was really never a runner, and since I have been with her, I have run 3 half marathons, and have consistently improved my times. Stephanie really knows how to motivate you and make exercising FUN!! She helps you create and achieve your goals, and pushes you to continue setting new goals. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get started with a fitness program, or who may be seeking nutritional advice.
Joanne Wright
Retired Sales Associate
Stephanie has been a welcome addition to my routine golf and tennis playing. I've been ignoring my need for core and basic weight training for a while - working with Stephanie has already increased my strength and confidence in adding more work to my wimpy work outs! She is amazingly punctual, professional, and allows for a variety I've never seen. The hour goes by incredibly fast even though you get the utmost from the workout. Also love being able to work with my husband when we do our couple work outs. Highly recommend Stephanie!
Kathy Johanson, PhD
Boeing Manager
Owner, O Wines Winery
I tend to slip in a few workouts a week between Golf & Tennis. Workouts are typically 2 days a week and last 23-30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a set of crunches and some light weight high rep weights. The results from working with Stephanie have excited me to increase the frequency, intensity and I've doubled the time I dedicate to my workouts. Due to the variety of exercises, the hour workout flies by I feel truly invigorated at the end. I'm seeing and feeling muscles I forgot I had, but am very motivated to be in great shape. She's a true professional.
Bob Johanson
ClearBridge Advisors, Legg Mason
Stephanie came highly recommended and now I know why. I have been distance running for years but her customized training and expertise has made me a stronger, more confident runner. She is motivating and her holistic approach has made me mentally tough – an important trait to have in 100 mile ultramarathons! There is a peace of mind at the start line when you know you have done everything you can to properly train for an event, and Stephanie ensures you have this.
Joe Richie, MBA, PHR
Ultramarathon Runner
T-Mobile Executive Recruiting Coordinator
I simply would say that Stephanie is the best. I have had numerous trainers in my many years of athletics. She is capable of making a hour seem short with a constant variety that makes the time fly. Never more then a few minutes with any one exercise. She is always prompt and very considerate to my schedules.
Tom Hazelrigg
Real Estate Investor